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My Tech Tools Have Moved

Posted by RecessDuty on 10/03/2011

Due to the fact that I am now focused on mobile learning, specifically the iPad, my tech tools have moved to iPaddiction!

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Genius Scan App 4 iPhone and iPod

Posted by RecessDuty on 02/26/2011

Description: It is always beneficial that while student’s are working on mathematical problems, the actual work from a student can be analyzed by the class to see if the answer/work is correct.  Great discussion ensues when a student proclaims or defends his/her work and discussion by students creates dialog.

Genius Scanner App really gives great options for quickly placing student’s work on our classroom blog.  The BEST feature is the ability to take a picture of a student’s work and as soon as it is accepted on the iPhone or newer version of the iPod touch, the ability to crop it to the exact borders of the work exists.  No need for another app.

The addition of choosing a color or black and white document is great.  An additional positive is the ability to add more than one scan on a document.

Exporting it is easy as a jpg or pdf.

Final step, set up your class blog with the “email a post” feature and within seconds a student’s work can be on the SMARTboard for discussion.

Implementation: Placed several documents HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE of student’s work on our classroom blog for class discussion.  In the future, student iPods will be equipped with their Google mail and they can upload to our class blog as contributors to our site.

UPDATE: Just scanned a completed quiz and sent the answers to other teachers in my grade level.  Worked perfectly as it sent a VERY readable PDF of the answers!

Just gets better and better!

View Live Site goPlay!

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5 New (to me) iPod Math Apps Added

Posted by RecessDuty on 01/18/2011

Description: Five math apps have been added to my middle school classroom set of iPod touch apps.  Students have repeatedly ranked apps that are in the game format much higher than any other type of apps.  Therefore, finding some FREE and relatively free apps  that help with math concepts is always a plus!  They are below…

WolframAlpha Algebra Assistant: $1.99

A great resource for quick checking of math problems.  Great interface!






Equality:  FREE

Thought provoking, fifty levels, the ability to create more than one student user account.  NEW FEATURE:  ability to place an & sign that requires more thinking!






Math Race:  $1.99

Multiplayer (always a big hit with students), timed math operations






Factor Race:  FREE

Somewhat cheezy looking screen, but the ability to practice factoring a trinomial equation into binomial factors while in a game mode is fantastic.  Virginia Standards of Learning are targeted.






Mad Minute-Math Against the Clock:  FREE

Great “pass and play” option which gives the opportunity for competition!  Negative numbers ability, four difficulty levels and the fact that each “turn” is only a minute gives the fast action feel!

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Lesson Plans: Only Answer~Google Calendar

Posted by RecessDuty on 12/23/2010

Description: Since the 2009-2010 school year, I have created calendars for each of my three classes.  Google Calendar has been a fantastic, time saving tool.  Today, I learned about the ease of repeating options of the Google Calendar.  See picture.

Sharing Calendar: I have offered our students the option of receiving my lesson plans via their Google Calendar.  Over 50% of the students want the calendar.  Below is a screen shot that shows how you can share it.  Be sure to leave the settings as is so that students can ONLY view and not change the details.


Implementation: I share this calendar with my “team taught” instructor.  In reality, we really don’t know how much math this class will get through in a certain time frame.  We created a weekly objective which can easily be repeated in my Google Calendar and shared with him.  I DO NOT need to write or type the daily lesson plans as Google Calendar can type it for me.

Technology: Use it if it saves you time – this TIME it did!

View Live Site: goPlay!


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Use Chrome Incognito For…

Posted by RecessDuty on 12/21/2010

Description: When students are using iPod touches in the classroom, sometimes a larger screen is needed for students to adjust settings on a website or to see detailed information that doesn’t appear on the iPod.  Chrome Incognito is a great way to open a COMPLETELY new web browser page without having to log out of the computer that the instructor is on!

Implementation: This has helped in my online course and fixing any mistakes that the students may complete on their “professional websites”.  I can quickly log in using a tab “Incognito”, adjust the material, and get the students on their way.  All without logging out of my content!

More Information on Chrome Incognito

How To Get To Chrome Video


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Textbook To Personal iPod/iPad

Posted by RecessDuty on 12/17/2010


If you would like to have your Chapter 5 textbook on your PERSONAL iPod instead of carrying your math textbook, you can do that.
Teacher Task: Publish your textbook as a PDF.  Send an email with the PDF  or place the PDF on the web.  Include the following set of instructions in the email to the students.
Steps to get Chapter 5 textbook on your iPod.
Step 1:  Download the attached file.  Algebra Chapter 5 (remember where you saved it on your computer)
Step 2:  Purchase (it’s free) the iBook app from the iTunes app store.
Step 3:  In iTunes, click File
Step 4:  Click Add File To Library (Choose the Algebra Chapter 5 Textbook file)
Step 5:  Your iPod should already be connected to your iTunes, click on Your iPod in the left column of iTunes
Step 6:  Click on the BOOKS tab – This should show your Algebra Chapter 5 Textbook as a PDF
Step 7:  Be sure you SYNCed your iPod
Step 8:  Done – You should have your textbook on your iPod!  COOL!!!
Implementation: Students now have the option to have your textbook on their iPod versus carrying the actual book.

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Process of Creating Posterous Account Using App

Posted by RecessDuty on 12/14/2010

1. Use Posterous App located on the iPod
2. To begin, open the Posterous App, “Register” Posterous Account
3.  Your email should be the same email we use in our Google Accounts
4.  Password: insert your password
5.  Site Address: create one
6.  You have just created your website.  You can POST any picture, audio, video, or writing to your website.
7.  Remember: Personal You vs. Professional You

CUSTOMIZATION: I encourage you to make the website you created your own.  Change the color & design to meet your satisfaction.

MAKE CHANGES: All changes can be made at LOG IN using your account info.


IMPORTANT: Always LOG OUT after using the Posterous App

POSTING ADDITIONAL INFO: When returning to post more information, always LOG IN.

Implementation: This is ONE OF THE BEST finds for creating content on an iPod touch and publishing it so that others can see it on the world wide web!


Visit Live Site goPlay!

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136 as of October 2010

Posted by RecessDuty on 10/27/2010

Description:  In June 2010, I shared the list of 99 apps that were used in one year of iPod touch use in a middle school classroom.  I have updated the apps by eliminating ones that didn’t work and added apps that are not technically educational but are used in some form in my classroom.  The list was very easy to print from my iTunes account. 

Implementation:  Review them and see if any of them interest you.  You can type in any of the titles in the iTUNES link maker.

Get List!  goPlay!

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115 in 1 Math Solver

Posted by RecessDuty on 07/20/2010

iPhone Screenshot 1Description: Looking to add this to the iPod touch app list that I use in my class.

Implementation: Not sure if I will be implementing this completely. I am thinking this will be added to the “apps that can be used to check to see if I am right” list.

Update to come after school starts.


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My 99 iPod Touch Apps For 2009-2010

Posted by RecessDuty on 06/01/2010

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YouTube: Page 27

Posted by RecessDuty on 05/20/2010

Description: In my quest for math videos two minutes or less to enhance lessons for the visual learner, I have discovered that if you go to the later pages of a Google search, great videos exist. Below are three videos that I have embedded into a Safeshare site and shown to my math students after reading about the concepts in our book. Can you believe it? Students don’t always understand black words on a white page! The videos have been great for adding visual aspects to a lesson, and it only takes 1-2 minutes of your lesson!

Deriving Volume of a Cone

Multiplying Fractions

Laws of Exponents

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Posted by RecessDuty on 04/20/2010

Description: After listening to @chrislehmann who spoke at the #140conf today, I have decided to proclaim what I created! Chris stated, “What the world needs today is students who can think!” Amen. Since I received the 30 iPod touches in my classroom at the start of 2009-2010 school year, everything I do is based on the theme:


Students know it, students live it, students act on it!

THINK: Think about what the issue is. Think about the concept. Think about solving a problem.

QUESTION: Where can I go to get information? Where can I experience similar topics? Where can I find another resource to confirm what I am finding?

CREATE: Create the solution! Create an opinion based on facts that can prove the opinion! Create more questions to develop more conversation!

There are not many things that I can call my own, but I believe this three word phrase is it.

Implementation: As educators, we must go forth in our teaching to develop students who are thinkers! They must solve the world’s problems instead of creating them.

As a tech implementation blog, I present Collecta! Collecta is a real time search engine. Yes, Google can do it, now, but I like Collecta in the fact that it is only collecting real time information, not websites as well. Collecta has helped our students to THINK.QUESTION.CREATE.

View Live Site goPlay!

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