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Edmodo Tutorial

Posted by RecessDuty on 04/23/2009

cesa7Description: Thank you to all of the educators who attended the Best Practices Tech Fair and more importantly participating in my Edmodo Tutorial.  Another thank you to CESA 7 for organizing an opportunity for teachers to teach and for teachers to learn.

Having used Edmodo with 80 middle school students for five months in a variety of ways, I am priveledged to teach other educators on the value and use of Edmodo in an educational setting.  The powerpoint below states in detail the tutorial so that anyone can have their online, secure educational community running in less than 15 minutes.

If you have any questions about Edmodo or any of the six tech tools that I discussed, please contact me.

Implementation: The power point provides a number of methods for using Edmodo in the classroom, but first explains the standards and benchmarks that the tool is accomplishing.

Archived Presentation using Ustream Actual Presentation Starts 5:00 Minutes Into The Video  goPlay!

Edmodo 3.0 Blog Post – Exciting

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